With a little effort on your part, your home can be sold more quickly

and at a better price. The following tips have proved invaluable to

owners, and are worth your special attention:

Make your home as attractive as possible. Take an assessment of your home and view your home like a potential buyer would

Focus on curb appeal. The outside of your house should give a good first impression. Trim the trees and shrubs. Keep the grass well watered and mowed if it is summertime. Plant some blooming flowers.

The interior needs to be spotless. Give every room in the house a thorough cleaning.

Repair dripping faucets and showerheads. Put out the best towels.

Paint is an expensive way to spruce up walls.

Clear out the clutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use. Clean out your closets and garage to show how large they really are. Have a garage sale, donate to a charity, or rent a small storage unit to store items that you cannot do without.

Use your nose. Many people are sensitive to odors. If you have pets, be sure bad smells do not linger in your home. Keep the litter box emptied.

Steam-clean your carpets, if needed.

Hide your valuables and prescription drugs. Never leave valuable items lying around on counters or visible in closets and cabinets. Get them out of sight, or out of the house.

Remove items you do not intend to include with the sale of the house.

Some items that often cause misunderstandings are chandeliers and light fixtures, ceramic fireplace logs, draperies, large mirrors, door openers, television antennas and satellite dishes. Remove them now if you can, and it won’t become an issue later – because the buyer never saw them!


Make the home as light as possible. Open all drapes and shutters. In

darker rooms, turn on lamps or indirect lighting for a bright and

cheerful look.

Turn on ceiling fans if it is in the summertime

Keep pets out of the house, if not off the property. If that is not

possible, confine them to a laundry room with a gate the prospective

buyer can see over.

You may want to put on soft background music. Never have the television on when the house is being shown.

Disclose. Disclose. Disclose

We are living in a litigious society. It is hard to find a court that

will not favor the buyer in a dispute. The seller has an obligation to

disclose everything. If you have a major problem that you do not intend to correct, please put it on the seller’s disclosure. Some people will be turned off by the prospect of a repair, but serious potential buyers will be glad to be made aware of the problem.

Turn the home over to the salesperson.

Most buyers can not relax and closely inspect a home if the owners are present. If you must remain at home, refrain from talking unless

questions are directly asked to you.

Trust the salesperson’s

professional judgment. They know the buyer’s temperament and have made some selling points before entering the house. They may want the buyers to discover some things on their own to build excitement.